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Through our strong partnerships we are able to provide a complete range of services from cloud computing, offsite backup, document collaboration and more

Today, healthcare organizations of all sizes are asked to innovate and produce measurable improvements on multiple fronts, including readmission rates, costs, and patient safety and satisfaction. To meet those goals, you need fast access to accurate information, whether it’s from EHR systems, billing software, or medical devices. 

 To grow, you need to successfully compete for new business, solve clients’ problems, and stay on top of accounting industry trends. Whether it’s corporate accounting, tax research and compliance, or estate planning, your most valuable resource is data—and we can help you unlock its potential quickly and affordably. 

 Now you can get real-time insight into information from almost any source, improve collaboration, and win more clients with cloud technologies like Microsoft Power BI. Take advantage of your data with interactive, self-service tools, and watch your business take off. 

   Running a thriving business can mean managing projects across multiple locations and time zones. To satisfy customers, your employees need to be able to collaborate on almost any device and implement solutions across multiple technology platforms. 

    To power your solutions in the cloud and increase productivity, we can help you find the right solution with products.Through our strong partnerships we are able to provide a complete range of services from cloud computing, offsite backup, document collaboration and more. Work more efficiently, be more innovative, and build business faster. 

  The global financial and insurance markets are highly dynamic, which means that financial products are subject to constant change. In this kind of market environment, the companies with a competitive advantage are those that are best able to provide their customers with the latest information quickly, comprehensively and in keeping with their individual needs. Excellent customer communications and the ability to furnish information are therefore strategic factors in achieving market success. Through our strong partnerships we are able to provide a complete range of services

You have less time, tighter schedules, and more information than ever. You need productivity tools that can help you keep up with your busy workload, while keeping client information protected.

Az Datacom provides solutions that help you share information securely and streamline case management wherever your team is located. Access everything you need—including files, schedules, email, and conferencing tools—online with virtually any device. Do more, do it faster, and make a difference.

You have great products and services, but that’s not enough. Today’s customers expect the convenience of anytime, anywhere shopping, using phones and other mobile devices.

In today’s environment, retail organizations have a number of challenges they must face head on. Retail solutions by Az Datacom make all the difference for your retail organization, helping to ensure that your retail organization has every tool you need to succeed in the marketplace.  We assist our retail and hospitality organizations succeed with IT needs such as PCI compliance, guest wifi,  POS, mobile engagement, and much more.