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By: azdatacom | April 05, 2017

In recent years, enterprise sync and share solutions have become popular mechanisms for protecting endpoint data. Even so, sync solutions do not typically provide the same level of protection as a true backup solution. The reason for this is simple. Although there are undeniably some overlaps in functionality, sync software and backup software were created for completely different purposes.

Backup Software vs. Sync and Share Solutions

    Backup software has one purpose and one purpose only — to allow the organization to get its data back following a data loss event. While enterprise sync software may allow for data recovery in certain situations, data recovery is not the software's primary focus.

Enterprise sync softwa...

By: azdatacom | January 16, 2017

 "We're missing a laptop!"   These words are not something you want to hear, but the chances are, it's going to happen at some point. Unfortunately, data on the majority of SMB laptops is not encrypted, so what exactly does it mean for your company if this happens?

   It means that if the bad guys pull the hard drive from the missing laptop and plug it into a running system, then chances are they can access to your data. A simple user ID and password are not going to be adequate protection.

   Are the thieves going to bother even looking at the stolen laptop? Many years ago, the hardware itself would fetch a decent amount on auction sites as "previously owned." With the professionalization o...